Cocktail List

Dennis's Infusions - Salted Caramel Rum  €9
Autumn Bru (Served Warm) - Connemara Peated Whiskey, Blackberry, Elderberry Shrub, Apple, Brown Sugar.  €9
Diablo Verde - Lemongrass Infused Vodka, Salsa Verde, Coriander Tincture, Lime, Sugar Wasabi Caviar, Foam €13
Notorious F.I.G - Silver Tequila, House Fig Syrup, Beetroot, Lime Black Salt €12
Ports & Pears - Mezcal, Tawny Port, Pear Juice, Orange, Lime, Sugar, Smoked Whiskey Salt €13
Against The Grain - Teelings Single Grain, Sheep Yoghurt, House Sumac Syrup, ZA'Atar Tincture, Rose Water, Lemon, Orange €13
Wild Card - House Aquavite, Dandelion Preserve, Raspberry, Thyme, Lemon, Soda €13
The Night Porter - Havana Especial, Frangelico, Borghetti, Cream, Espresso €12
After Dinner Cigar - Remi Martin, Benedictine, Smoke Essence, Plum, Muscavado €15


Non-Alcoholic And Low ABV

The Pink Lady (0%) - Ceder's Na Gin, House Grenadine, Rose Water, Cherry Blossom, Soda €8
Not So Boozy Burro (<0%) - Clean & Co. Na Tequila, Fermented Lime Marmalade, Thyme Sugar, Ginger Beer, Chardonnay Grape, Rosemary €8
Campino (<0%) - Clean & Co. Na Rhubarb Gin, Strawberry Nectare, Sugar, Lime, Orange Blossom, Clarified Through Double Cream €8
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