Whiskey List


Blended - Madeira & Orchard Fruits on The Palate With a Honey & Spice Finish.


Bushmills Whiskey

Blended - Fruity & Aromatic Palate Leading to a Malty Finish With Cardamom and Ginger on The Tail.



Blended - Buttery Shortbread on The Palate With a Short and Mouth-watering Finish of Honey & Spice.


Tullamore Dew

Blended - Good Body With Notes of Sherried Peels and Spice on The Palate. A Long Finish With Notes of Caramel and Toffee.


Connemara Original

Single Malt - Full and Smooth with Notes of Malt and Peat, Honeyed Smoke and Barley Sweetness. The Finish is Long and Pungent With Honey and Peat Smoke.


Tyrconnel Single Malt

Single Malt - Rich Vanilla and Soft Fudge on The Palate, With a Touch of Granary Toast Underneath. Finish is Lingering Nutmeg Spiciness and a Touch of Drying Oak.


Writers Tears Copper Pot

Blended - Plenty of Honey on The Palate Combined With Mellow Notes of Vanilla, Golden Malt & Green Apple Skin. The Finish is Sweet and Long. 


Teeling Small Batch

Blended - Spiced, Rich Palate With Rose Petal Jelly and Lemon Curd. Finish is Floral & Herbal With Caramel on The Tail


Tullamore 12 Years

Blended - Light and Soft on The Palate With Hints of Gentle Spices (Nutmeg, Allspice) a Touch of Honey and Creamy Fruits. The Finish is Medium Length With a Little Oaky / Nutty Bitter sweetness. One of The Best Value Whiskies on The Market!!



Single Pot Still - Spicy and Soft on The Palate With Gentle Bourbon Oak, Green Woods, Menthol & Potpourri. The Finish is Creamy & Long With Vanilla.






Redbreast 12 Years 

Single Pot Still - Spicy With Great Body. Nuts and Citrus With Hints of Marzipan, Dried Fruits and Sherry. A Long and Creamy Finish With Custard and Spice.


Powers John Lane 12 Years 

Single Pot Still - Very Smooth on The Palate with Vanilla, Dry Spice, Chocolate and Coffee. There is Dark Fruit Here too, Raisins and Blackcurrants. The Finish Has More Vanilla and Drying Copper Notes. Overall a Really Balanced Whiskey With Not a Note Out of Place.


Blue Spot 7 Years

Single Pot Still - Embodying The Unmistakable Qualities of Pot Still Irish Whisky. Blue Spot is Matured for at Least Seven Years in Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Butts and Portuguese Madeira Casks. Non Chill Filtered and Bottled at Cask Strength, Nothing is Added or Taken Away, For a Whiskey That is Full Flavoured and Uniquely Satisfying. This is the First Time it's Been Produced in Over 100 Years. Well Worth it's Price Tag!! 


Dingle Whiskey - Batch 4

Single Malt - On The Palate There is a Distinct Winey Note With Vanilla, Oak, Dried Apricot and Sultanas With a Good Helping of Malt. The Finish Has Gingersnap Biscuits, Dark Chocolate and a Hint of Refreshing Citrus. 


Yellow Spot 12 Years

Single Pot Still - This is The Second Addition to The "Spot" Range of Irish Whiskeys. The Yellow Spot is a Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Which Has Been Matured in Three Types of Cask: American Bourbon Cask, Spanish Sherry Butts and Spanish Malaga Casks for a Sweeter Flavour. The Palate is Fruity With a Substantial Body and Velvety Texture. The Finish is Long and Sweet With Notes of Marzipan and Dried Apricots. 


Redbreast 15 Years

Single Pot Still - A Beautiful Pure Pot Still Whiskey. Redbreast 15 is a Rich, Thick, Sweet, Pungent Whiskey With Loads of Flavour and Complexity. The Palate is Creamy and Smooth With Notes of Cooked Fruits, Fried Banana, Orange Groves, Nutmeg, Butterscotch and Caramel. the Finish has Custard, Peppermint and Grapefruit. 


Red Spot 15 Years 

Single Pot Still - The Highest in The Range of Spot Whiskies. The Nose Has Pot Still Spices With Rich Cooked Fruit, Baked Apple, Mango and Black Cherry. Hazelnut and a Touch of New Leather Fuse With Toasted American Oak. On The Palate a Mix of Ripe Fruit Sweetness From The Marsala Seasoned Wine Casks. While The Fruit Remain, Sweet Red Pepper and Cracked Black Pepper Add Some Spices. Malt, Copper, Banana, Hay, Dried Strawberries, Cocoa and Baking Spice With a Bit of Lemon Curd and Vanilla Frosting

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