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Ruíbín Chowder & Seeded Soda Bread  €8
Flaggy Shore Oysters With Burnt Chilli & Citrus  3 for €10

Kashmiri Spiced Hash browns, Greens, Poached eggs, Chilli Oil & Sheep Yoghurt

Add Spicy Sausage 



(V, AVV)
Grilled Sourdough With Chicken Liver Pâté, Wild Mushrooms, Squash  €13 (AV, AVV)
Roast Kuri Squash, Quinoa, House Ricotta, Golden Raisins, Miso Seeds €13 (AVV)
Pan Fried Sea Trout, Smoked Black Pudding, Charred Cabbage, Horseradish, Crispy potatoes €13
Salted Cod With Butter Bean & Chorizo Fabada, Garlic Focaccia €15
Fried Chicken, Sushi Rice, Honey Butter Sauce, Pickles, Daikon Salad Egg €14
Beef & Pork Kofte, Ezme, Garlic Flatbread, Tahini, Hot Sauce  €15
Crispy Fried Potatoes, Salt & Pepper  €5 (V, AVV)


Boozy Baked Plums, Zabaglione, Oat Shortbread  €7.50 (AVV)
Baklava Baked Cheesecake €7.50
Sweet Pickled Pears, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, Macadamia & Buckwheat Crunch €7.50 (AVV)


Bloody Mary - Tomato Juice, Habanero Vodka, Fermented Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, Lime, Salt, Celery Bitters  €12
Breakfast Martini - Rosemarie's Marmalade Gin, Orange, Cointreau, Lemon, Sugar €12


(V): Vegetarian

(VV): Vegan

(AV): Available Vegetarian

(AVV): Available Vegan

Please Inform us of Any allergy Requirements and We Will Do Our Very Best to Keep you Safe. Nut, Seeds, Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten & Dairy are Used in The Kitchen so We Can't be 100% Risk Free. All Our Meat is Free Range and All Our Beef is of Irish Origin.

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