Lunch Menu

"The Best Lunch in Galway"

2 Flaggy shore dainty oysters, fermented jalapeno

2 Kelly’s native oysters, rhubarb mignonette €12

Rúibín chowder & treacle bread €9


Rarebit, ‘nduja, honey

€11 (av)

 Roast carrot salad, marinaded feta, spiced seeds, blood orange, black rice, pomegranate 

€15 (v, avv)
Squash & red lentil kubbeh, preserved tomato, tahini cream, castelfranco  €16 (vv)
Smoked haddock fishcake, soft boiled eggs, watercress, anchovy cream  €15
Pan fried seabass, braised leeks & shallots, potatoes, saffron bone broth  €18

Fried chicken, honey butter sauce, sushi rice, kimchi, fried egg, pickles 

Salt & vinegar pork belly, parnsip remoulade, pave chips, watercress  €18


Merguez sausage & borlotti bean stew, smoked yoghurt, garlic toast  €16
Crispy fried potatoes €6

(v, avv)


Date & macadamia pudding, creme fraiche ice cream   €8.5
Fig & pistachio tart, brandy custard  €8.50
Dark chocolate & sea salt mousse, blood orange, cookie  €8 (avv)


Bloody Mary - Tomato Juice, Habanero Vodka, Fermented Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, Lime, Salt, Celery Bitters  €12
Breakfast Martini - Rosemarie's Marmalade Gin, Orange, Cointreau, Lemon, Sugar €12


(v): Vegetarian

(vv): Vegan

(av): Available Vegetarian

(avv): Available Vegan

Please Inform us of Any allergy Requirements and We Will Do Our Very Best to Keep you Safe. Nut, Seeds, Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten & Dairy are Used in The Kitchen so We Can't be 100% Risk Free. All Our Meat is Free Range and All Our Beef is of Irish Origin.

2 chefs from Ruibin restaurant, holding plates of food
Selection of dishes on a restaurant table in Galway
Sommelier with a glass of wine speaking with a chef holding a plate of food