Lunch Menu

"The Best Lunch in Galway"

Ruíbín Chowder & Seeded Soda Bread  €8.5
3 Flaggy shore dainty oysters with blackberry vinegar & cucamelon  €10

Hash browns with greens, esquites, poached eggs, salsa macha, yoghurt 


(v, avv)
Roast squash & green bean salad, wild rice, cashew furikake, sesame vinaigrette
€13.5 (vv)
Smoked mackerel pâté, crudités, gherkins, beetroot salad, soda bread  €13
Coconut crusted fish, Gunpowder potatoes, butter masala, coriander relish  €16


Fried chicken, sushi rice, honey butter sauce, pickles, daikon salad, egg  €15
Roast Cod, Ajo Blanco, Braised Fennel, Butter Beans, Almonds, Garlic Toast €16

Fried Chicken, Sushi Rice, Honey Butter Sauce, Pickles, Daikon Salad, Egg

Steak gyros with matchstick fries, tzatziki, pickles, fermented hot sauce, tomato salad  €16


 - or fried aubergine gyros   €14 (v, avv)
Crispy fried potatoes €5

(v, avv)


Blackberry & pistachio frangipane tart, vanilla mascarpone    €8
Housemade rhubarb ripple ice cream, marinated raspberry, sablé breton  €7.50
Pistachio, date & walnut baklava, sweet sheeps milk labneh  €6.5 (avv)


Bloody Mary - Tomato Juice, Habanero Vodka, Fermented Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, Lime, Salt, Celery Bitters  €12
Breakfast Martini - Rosemarie's Marmalade Gin, Orange, Cointreau, Lemon, Sugar €12


(v): Vegetarian

(vv): Vegan

(av): Available Vegetarian

(avv): Available Vegan

Please Inform us of Any allergy Requirements and We Will Do Our Very Best to Keep you Safe. Nut, Seeds, Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten & Dairy are Used in The Kitchen so We Can't be 100% Risk Free. All Our Meat is Free Range and All Our Beef is of Irish Origin.

2 chefs from Ruibin restaurant, holding plates of food
Selection of dishes on a restaurant table in Galway
Sommelier with a glass of wine speaking with a chef holding a plate of food