Dessert Menu

Salted chocolate espresso ganache, blood orange sorbet, oat clusters    €9 (vv)
Burned Honey ice cream, rhubarb granita, earl grey, almond, poached rhubarb  €10
Rye profiteroles, black apple & chestnut cream, caramelised white chocolate  €9.5
Malt loaf, camembert, fermented pear  €10.50


Brandy Alexander  Cocktail - Seignette VS, creme de cacao, cream, nutmeg €12 


(V): Vegetarian

(VV): Vegan

(AV): Available Vegetarian

(AVV): Available Vegan

Please Inform us of Any allergy Requirements and We Will Do Our Very Best to Keep you Safe. Nut, Seeds, Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten & Dairy are Used in The Kitchen so We Can't be 100% Risk Free. All Our Meat is Free Range and All Our Beef is of Irish Origin.

2 chefs from Ruibin restaurant, holding plates of food
Selection of dishes on a restaurant table in Galway
Sommelier with a glass of wine speaking with a chef holding a plate of food